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I started My Muay Thai back in 2006... I was tired of reading about MMA, and wanted somewhere I could watch real muay thai fights, be inspired and connect with others who love muay thai as much as I do... I currently live in London... when I'm not geeking out over muay thai you can find me bombing around London on my scrambler, ferreting out the latest street food gems.1689 Articles

Born in upstate New York Matt Lucas moved to California in 2004. He eventually settled in the Bay Area and began training at Pacific Ring Sports under Mike Regnier and Ganyao Arunleung where he stayed until 2015. He currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand and recently published his first novel, The Boxer’s Soliloquy.249 Articles

I’m a Canadian who decided to quit my job, sell most of what I own, pack a suitcase, and skip continents to pursue a martial art. A minimalist. A modern nomad. A kid who just likes having a good time. My attraction to muay thai is that it’s an art with no wasted motion. I spent four years in Thailand training muay thai fulltime. I still live a nomadic life and muay thai continues to be the constant among the variables. I document much of it all on my site Milk.Blitz.Street.Bomb. Be prepared for updates, rambling, video content and anything I’ve learned that I think may of use to you. This hasn’t been easy, but so far, its been a pretty sick ride.45 Articles

I got introduced to Muay Thai when I discovered Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood, CA & began training there. It's the first Muay Thai Gym in the United States. After training and going to Muay Thai shows I developed a passion for the sport & the culture. Although I'm not currently training, the passion for the sport remains. I also operate the Muay Thai Site TOTALMUAYTHAI38 Articles

John Wolcott currently lives in Thailand and works as a freelance writer and videographer. Join him on Twitter or John Wolcott.13 Articles

Mark Mian, CSCS, is an athletic coach and trainer based in San Francisco and a dedicated student of Muay Thai (under Jongsanan and Neungsiam). He's developed training and nutrition programs for competitive athletes since 1995, specializing in combat sports since 2004. He's worked as the head athletic coach for Team USA (IFMA), Team Fairtex SF, and the El Nino Training Center's Woodenman (Muay Thai) and Skrap Pack (MMA) teams. He's also the founder of AlterCenter, an alternative fitness training center where he developed his natural method of combat fitness training, called AlterWarrior, based on a decade of working with countless fighters – including running training camps for 6 Muay Thai and MMA world champions.11 Articles

Born and raised in Southern California and now live in Thailand. I started training Muay Thai in the States at the age of 18. After my first trip to Thailand I fell in love with the sport and the “sabai, sabai” lifestyle of Thailand. I finally got tired of the 9-5 rat race life in Los Angeles, and thought it is time to re-evaluate my life. At the age of 25 I sold most of my belongings and bought my plane ticket to Thailand. I’m grateful for the things I have accomplished so far and always looking forward to what’s next.11 Articles

I was born in Reading, PA July 27th 1980 and spent the majority of my youth criss-crossing all over the United States. From Pennsylvania to New York, Georgia, Oregon, Colorado and then finally, in the summer of 94', ending up in Vegas, where I have been ever since. I spent my teenage years not doing much other than partying day in and day out. I was already a full blown alcoholic by the time I turned 21. Luckily I came across Muay Thai when I was 16, seeing it on ESPN, although it did take me another 7 years to actually get started. I got into Muay Thai for one purpose, to be the best fighter that I could be. I gave up drinking two days before I stepped foot into the gym and never looked back, the rest is history. You can keep up with me on my personal blog.6 Articles

About 6 years ago on a very fateful Saturday morning I walked into a sweaty little Muay Thai gym in San Francisco’s SOMA district to do an intro MT class with Neungsiam Samphusri and Bunkerd Faphimai at Fight & Fitness. I knew right away that I had found my new home. I had previously been training Shaolin gong fu and san shou in the UK but had found nothing to fill the gaping hole when I came to live in the Bay Area. After studying with Neungsiam and Bunkerd and then Jongsanan and Ganyao at Fairtex, I came to Thailand to train and fight. And, through a similar series of providential encounters I have been here ever since. In 2010 I moved to Sitmonchai Gym and helped the gym open it's doors to foreign guests, and continue to act as the gym's 'foreign liaison'.6 Articles

Starting with Judo at the early age of 7, Nathan Brown was a student martial arts (Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Tai Chi, Jeet June Do) and eastern philosophy long before moving to Thailand in 2002, looking for a life more attuned to the Taoist philosophies that he had come to love. The first meeting with Ajarn Lek made a great impression, especially after sparring with Tae for the first time and seeing the beauty in simplicity which is Muay Thai Chaiya. Seeing the practicality in defense, and efficiency and directness of attack, he also saw many similarities with the more advanced concepts of fighting that he’d learnt from studying the Jeet Kune Do concepts of Bruce Lee. Kru Nathan has learnt Muay Thai Chaiya for over 7 years from Ajarn Lek, who refuses to teach the fancy superfluous moves which now seem to be the trademark of Muay Boran, instead teaching the style in it’s practical, useful form. Kru Nathan has spent over two years teaching the style in Thailand (teaching in both Thai and English), and 8 years after coming to Thailand Kru Nathan is now looking to take Muay Thai Chaiya international, starting workshops and private tuition. Check out his websites (, ) and his youtube channel for more information on learning Muay Thai Chaiya.4 Articles

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