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That’s me running out of gas after the first round (Ingram Gym 2007)

Thanks for visiting my site, I’m glad you found it. My name is Mai and I’m an American born Thai. When I’m not training, I’m an online marketing consultant.

I started studying Martial Arts when I was ten or eleven, Okinawan Shorinji Ryu. Yes it was due in large to Karate Kid and all the Sho Kosugi Ninja Movies.

Growing up the only martial arts competitions that I was exposed to was the PKA on ESPN. I remember scouring the TV guide and marking my calendar. As a kid I remember watching a fight as my father came into the room, he stood watching with a look of disapproval. He shook his head and said something to the effect of a Najk Muay would kick this guy in the neck or a Nak Muay would cut him down with kicks to the leg! I remember thinking to myself no way! Leg Kicks? Do you know who this is? This is Bill “Superfoot” Wallace! This guy does splits!

The following year I went and spent the summer with relatives in Bangkok. My cousin took me to Lumpini Stadium. It was the first time I had ever seen Muay Thai in action. I almost shit myself, I couldn’t believe they weren’t wearing any booties! Knees , Elbows, and Leg Kicks ? This was crazy stuff.

Fast forward to 1998 I had just moved from Bangkok to San Francisco. My roommate at the time was really into Muay Thai, I dropped in to watch a class and I’ve never looked back.

I don’t train because I’m a professional, or an amateur or any good for that matter. I train because I love Muay Thai.

I’ve been training on and off since ’98 and I’m still crap… I guess it keeps things interesting. I’ll be discussing everything from  Gear to Thai culture etc. I’m sure I’ll be talking quite a bit of smack so don’t take me too seriously.

Thanks for visiting

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Born to a working class family in rural New York I grew up working like a dog and drinking Natural light in the woods. After a brief stint attempting to escape the poverty of employment via university I gave up on escaping the grind and moved to sunny California where the burritos are as generous as the weather. I work in the service industry slinging booze and food.

I got into Muay Thai as a recreational activity. I saw an interclub fight and decided to try it out, everyone has to test their mettle somehow. A few fights and a year later I was in Thailand training, and fighting. I haven’t quit stepping into the ring since. I currently live in East Oakland and balance my time blocking punches with my head with attempting to prevent brain deterioration through writing, studying Thai; language, culture and history, and going to wild dance parties with my friends.

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I’m a Canadian who decided to quit my job, sell most of what I own, pack a suitcase, and skip continents to pursue a martial art. A minimalist. A modern nomad. A kid who just likes having a good time.

My attraction to muay thai is that it’s an art with no wasted motion.
Currently I’m in Thailand training muay thai fulltime. The plan is to be here for a few years, but realistically, I  have no idea where this path is leading, or what the timeline is. I like change and pushing my comfort zone. A lot. Nevertheless, muay thai will be the constant among the variables.

Be prepared for updates, rambling, video content and anything I’ve learned that I think may of use to you.
This hasn’t been easy, but so far, its been a pretty sick ride.

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About a year and a half ago on a very fateful Saturday morning I walked into a sweaty little Muay Thai gym in San Francisco’s SOMA district to do an intro MT class with Neungsiam Samphusri and Bunkerd Faphimai at Fight and Fitness. I’ve always loved martial arts, in particular Shaolin gong fu, san shou and qi gong, but there was something that registered with me that August morning and MT has been a main feature in my life since.

After a few months training with Neungsiam I came to Thailand and -through a similar series of providential encounters — have been here since. I started training at Ingram gym in 2008 and now train with the Doctor at 13 Coins. I also continue to study muay boran with Pii Ta and cultivate my internal energy practices that I first learned with my Shaolin teacher, Shifu Shi Yanzi. I’ve taken a couple of extended trips back to San Francisco to train with Jongsanan at Fairtex, who has been my most inspiring and demanding teacher to date.

I guess I could say that Muay Thai has been the needle in my compass for the past several months and I am both suprised and grateful for all the challenges, experiences and opportunities it has provided me. It’s been quite a journey so far.

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Kevin Ross

I was born in Reading, PA July 27th 1980 and spent the majority of my youth criss-crossing all over the United States. From Pennsylvania to New York, Georgia, Oregon, Colorado and then finally, in the summer of 94′, ending up in Vegas, where I have been ever since. I spent my teenage years not doing much other than partying day in and day out. I was already a full blown alcoholic by the time I turned 21. Luckily I came across Muay Thai when I was 16, seeing it on ESPN, although it did take me another 7 years to actually get started. I got into Muay Thai for one purpose, to be the best fighter that I could be. I gave up drinking two days before I stepped foot into the gym and never looked back, the rest is history.

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Alex Anoushian
Born and raised in Southern California and now live in Thailand. I started training Muay Thai in the States at the age of 18. After my first trip to Thailand I fell in love with the sport and the “sabai, sabai” lifestyle of Thailand. I kept telling myself one day I will move to Thailand to train and fight – To “live the dream” as many people would say. In the next 7 years I made 3 more short trips to Thailand, but each time I would have to return home because of work and other obligations. I was getting tired of the 9-5 rat race lifestyle, and thought it is time to re-evaluate my life. At the age of 25 I sold most of my belongings and bought my plane ticket to Thailand. I didn’t know what camp I would be training at, or how long I would be there for. All I knew is that once I got there I will figure it all out. Been here since May 2010, living and training at a camp in Saraburi Province. I’m grateful for the things I have accomplished so far and always looking forward to what’s next. I always like to tell people… Do what you like to do, not what you’re expected to do. Live YOUR life, not someone else’s.

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Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.06.59I lead a dual life, by day I wear a suit and tie and deal with bonds structures, over-collateralization and excess spreads; but by night I train in and photograph a sport that I love, Muay Thai. Being involved with Muay Thai has enriched my life in so many ways that I never could have imagined. It has given me health and confidence, it has given me a huge creative outlet for both my photography and writing and most importantly, it has allowed me to meet countless wonderful people and develop a few friendships that I will cherish for a lifetime.
I hope that in the sharing of my photography and writing with others that I am in some small way repaying the sport of Muay Thai for what it has given to me. Cheers!