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    A Forum For The Ladies

    Longtime MMT contributor and friend LDF has created a forum specifically for female nak muay called Muay Ying.  I suspect their are a great deal of female nak muay on MMT, who don’t participate in discussions.  It’s a great idea, and I’m sure this will be very popular.  

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    Chuwattana Revisited

    It was a brilliant day to run around, the air was cool with a slight breeze, sort of a rarity in Bangkok.  I’m off to Chuwattana, to take some pics and catch up with Lamsongkram.  I ran into him at the Rajadomnern b-day fights and was eager to see what he’s up to. On a […]

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    You Punch Like a Girl

    I wish… is the appropriate response.  I came across this theother day.  LDF has written a load of articles about the traditional Thai view of women in the ring.  It’s great to see that some attitudes are changing…    If you’re new to MMT, there are significant cultural taboo’s with women and fighting in Thailand.  It’s really not surprising that some […]

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    Introducing: Khun Songchai Ratanasuban of OneSongchai Promotions

    Songchai Ratanasuban is the largest muay thai promoter in Thailand.  OneSongchai Promotions include but are not limited to the King’s Cup, Queen’s Cup,the weekly fights at MBK, the Thailand vs Challenger series, fights at Rajadamnern Stadium, Lumpinee Stadium, Baan Klang Stadium…the list goes on.  I suspect a number of you have fought under his promotions. […]

  5. Yod Muay Champions Cup 2010 – Japan

    Yod Muay Champions Cup 2010 – Japan

    My understanding is that K-1’s ratings are down and there is growing interest in full rules Muay Thai in Japan. 

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    Two Evenings with Chantal Ughi

    This was a difficult interview.  Chantal Ughi wasn’t anything less than accommodating, however, between a substandard camera, background noise, a cameraman who yelped after being bit by what we hope was a cockroach and me being a chronic low talker and squirming from mosquito attacks…I don’t have much to give you other than a transcribed […]